Dress up as your favorite Pogue from Outer Banks in a DIY Halloween costume

Photo: Season 1, Episode 4 of Outer Banks - Courtesy of Netflix
Photo: Season 1, Episode 4 of Outer Banks - Courtesy of Netflix /

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In season 2 of Outer Banks, Pogues John B. and Sarah got up to many fun adventures. Of course, now that we’ve all binge-watched the series, it seems only natural that fans will want to dress up as the mischievous international duo for Halloween.

Thankfully, their outfits are an easy DIY look to recreate.

Outer Banks Halloween costumes

Before the newest season dropped on Netflix, surfwear brand Volcom teamed up with the show to create a collection of clothes based on the items the characters wear. In the collection, there are a bunch of button-down shirts, board shorts, and T-shirts that John B. wears throughout the show to choose from.

You can even dress up as Sarah, the Kook Princess, with a shirt or baseball hat that states her nickname if you feel like taking up her royal position. Or if you feel more like you wish you could have Sarah’s boyfriend, John B., there is a “Save John B” shirt that will hopefully get you one step closer to your goal.

Discover Volcom's Outer Banks collection featuring this "Free John B." shirt on Amazon.
Discover Volcom’s Outer Banks collection featuring this “Free John B.” shirt on Amazon. /

However, suppose you want to pretend on Halloween like you’re a Pogue without referencing a particular character. In that case, there are plenty of shirts to pick from, like this one that says “You Can’t Kill a Pogue” or the group’s motto, “Have a Good Time, All the Time,” which is also available as a backpack.

This whole collection is filled with clothing that will make any Netflix fan realize that you are dressed as a Pogue from Outer Banks. However, if someone still doesn’t understand your DIY costume, this OBX sun hat might be helpful to have just in case.

Check out the whole Volcom x Outer Banks collection on Amazon and dress up as your favorite Outer Banks character in a DIY Halloween costume.