Kristen Stewart stars as Princess Diana in new trailer for Spencer

The obsession with the royal family is one that exists for anyone. But the fascination with Princess Diana is one that has existed for ages. The late Princess Diana stole the hearts of many with her natural poise and charisma that transcended across the world. After her passing in 1997, the celebrity status Diana had gathered even after her divorce from Prince Charles in 1996, left a lasting legacy. Now, the newest film to take a hand in illustrating the life of the star is Spencer, and it has Kristen Stewart in the leading role.

Kristen Stewart portrays Princess Diana in Spencer

The film had its premiere earlier this month at the 78th Venice International Film Festival with critical acclaim towards Stewart’s portrayal of Diana and the film as a whole. It focuses on Diana’s struggle to leave her role in the royal family, with rumors and speculation about her relationship with Charles circling around her.  Pablo Larrain, the director of the film, creates a three day time period in late 19991 , as the focus in which the relationship is being portrayed.

Although there is not a large period in which the film is focusing on, Kristen portrays Diana with such ease that the viewer will not need a biographical film about the entire life of the late princess.

Here is the trailer to take a look at Kristen Stewart’s performance:

The trailer shows a beautiful adaptation of Diana, leaving no inconsistency in her iconic looks and fashion. With it looking to be an additional look into the life of the star, just like The Crown, it is sure to be a success.

Timothy Spall, Sean Harris and Sally Hawkins also star in the film alongside Jack Farthing who portrays Prince Charles. The film is set to debut November 9.

Will you give the film a watch? What do you thing about Kristen Stewart’s portrayal? Do you agree with the casting? Let us know in the comments.