Girl power: Tiffany Haddish takes control with new haircut

Tiffany Haddish appeared on the most recent episode of Jada Pickett Smith’s talk show, Red Table Talk and spoke candidly about her new haircut. While most women stray away from shaving their head bald, Tiffany decided to shave her head and felt empowered by her decision. “I started to fall in love with myself,” she said. “That wasn’t even the intention. But I see all my features. My eyes, my nose, my cheeks. I was like, ‘God did a good job at putting me together.’”

While the women spoke about their different beauty journeys on the show, the episode highlighted the women opening up about the importance of taking control of their experiences by making decisions for themselves. Tiffany said that her new hair was a transition to that and spoke about exes that made her style her hair certain ways.

She said on the podcast:

“I had this boyfriend, and he used to be like ‘Tiffany, are so pretty, but you would look so much better if your hair went to your breast. So me and my auntie got together and we tried to put a weave in my head and it did not work out. I would look crazy.”

She added:

“When I got married I was trying to decide how to do my hair. My ex-husband said ‘I ain’t never been with a woman who ain’t got no perm. I don’t know how I’m going to be married to you without no perm.’ So I permed my hair, and maybe three weeks into the marriage, my hair broke off.”

Now with her new style, Tiffany feels like her true self and is much happier.

What do you say? Would you do the same move? Are you excited Tiffany Haddish took control and did such a beautiful move!? Sound off in the comments.