Star Trek: Prodigy gets a premiere date and a new trailer

Star Trek: Prodigy. Image Courtesy Nickelodeon, CBS Television Studios
Star Trek: Prodigy. Image Courtesy Nickelodeon, CBS Television Studios /

This year’s Star Trek Day did not disappoint, providing fans some awesome news about Star Trek: Prodigy, the next animated series to come out of the Trek franchise.

There were quite a few new revelations about this fun show—which is primarily aimed at a younger audience—to get excited about.

Star Trek: Prodigy premiere date

First off, we have an official premiere date! Though we knew that Star Trek: Prodigy was arriving this Fall, sci-fi fans can now set their phasers to stun, or rather, on a date to mark on their calendars.

The Paramount + premiere of Star Trek: Prodigy is set for October 28, just a few days shy of Halloween. So if you don’t already have your Star Trek costume picked out (or planned out months in advance, as I know many of you do), you’ll have some last minute inspiration from some new Trek characters. And from the looks of the trailer and the incredible voice cast (hello, Dee Bradley Baker and Jason Mantzoukas!), the new wayward crew looks like a fun one.

Star Trek Prodigy: Opening sequence art and a new ship name!

Let’s talk about that colorful opening sequence. It is stunning. Paramount + and Nickelodeon unveiled the Star Trek: Prodigy opening sequence in its entirety—incorporating highlights from the crew, including a holographic Vice Adm. Janeway—and we have to say, we’re impressed.

And so was the captain herself.

A bonus from the gorgeous sequence is the reveal of the starship, the USS Protostar, some sort of experimental ship with the registration NX 76884. You can read more theories on the significance of the name here.

Star Trek: Prodigy: What we know about the series

Star Trek: Prodigy follows the adventures of five kids who are imprisoned in a remote sector of the galaxy, who discover a defunct Starfleet ship that enables their escape, even though they have no idea what Starfleet or the Federation even means. As an added bonus: it comes equipped with an Emergency Training  Hologram in the configuration of Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway (voiced by the esteemed Star Trek: Voyager alum Kate Mulgrew), which they discover as they’re desperately trying to escape their incarceration guards.

Janeway will of course become so much more to the motley crew of misfits as they try to navigate the cosmos while being hunted by The Diviner (John Noble) and Drednok (Jimmi Simpson), the very cool casting choices for the series’ villains.

Star Trek Prodigy: A new trailer is here

Star Trek Day included an enjoyable panel with Prodigy voice cast members Brett Gray (Dal) and the Dee Bradly Baker (Murf), alongside executive producers Kevin and Dan Hageman and director and co-EP Ben Hibon, moderated by Overwatch League’s Mica Burton.

The panel also unveiled another treat for Trekkies: a new and more detailed Prodigy trailer.

"“Kids are smart and I love that the show doesn’t pander down to kids. We don’t pull any punches,” Hageman said, according to SYFY “In that way, kids will enjoy it, but anyone yearning for Star Trek or feeling intimidated to enter the universe, this is the one to jump in with.”"

You can view all the awesome Star Trek Day celebration panels as well as trailers and more on Paramount +’s dedicated YouTube Channel here.

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The premiere of Star Trek: Prodigy will take place on Oct. 28, which starts out with a one-hour episode to get you familiar with this new Trek storyline.