Things get wibbly wobbly timey wimey in Doom Patrol season 3 trailer

We got our official first exciting look at the new season of Doom Patrol thanks to the arrival of the season 3 trailer. The DC series streaming on HBO Max has become a real fan favorite. Now the crew of misfits is going to be diving headfirst into some time-traveling adventures.

The trailer highlights Madame Rouge, played by Michelle Gomez (Doctor Who), who doesn’t know who she is. What she does know is that she’s there to stop something “very big” from happening. Rita (April Bowlby) is positive that it’s the Brotherhood of Evil.

However, Rouge is there for something worse, apparently. She’s there to stop the Sisterhood of Dada. Not only does she wants their help – but she also wants the team to kill them. Since killing isn’t their style, things aren’t going to go as swimmingly as they all might like.

You can check it out for yourself in the official trailer below:

Now your first thought after seeing the trailer is likely ‘where is Chief (Timothy Dalton)?’ There’s a rumor that he didn’t sign on for the third season due to the pandemic. Either way, it looks like Chief and his daughter Dorothy aren’t playing as big of a role this season, despite the ending of season 2. Maybe they’re hiding what they’re up to.

It also appears that we’re going to be getting more flashbacks involving Robotman and Negative Man. Or have they perhaps gone into a time-traveling situation where they see themselves? The shots that showed them facing themselves don’t mean much, but still! It’s always a pleasure to see the internet’s new favorite actor Brendan Fraser and Matt Bomer.

Antics are definitely going to ensue and with all of that editing, it’s going to be a really crazy ride. Not to mention the inclusion of the Brotherhood of Evil! Speaking of the Brotherhood, just how many intelligent apes are there in the DC Universe? I can’t keep up.

What do you think about the trailer? Are you looking forward to the third season or are you worried about the time-traveling aspect? Let us know in the comments below!

Doom Patrol season 3 will be streaming on September 23th on HBO Max.