Exclusive reveal: See the cover and read an excerpt from Belle Morte

Belle Morte by Bella Higgin. Image courtesy Wattpad Books
Belle Morte by Bella Higgin. Image courtesy Wattpad Books /
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Everything old eventually becomes new again, and that’s double true for anything involving vampires. From the arrival of Twilight on Netflix suddenly causing Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight to reenter the pop culture zeitgeist again after a decade’s absence to AMC’s decision to greenlight a TV series based on Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire and persistent rumors of a True Blood reboot, it’s just more proof that people can’t get enough of the famous bloodsuckers.

Which means that Bella Higgin’s novel Belle Morte could hardly be arriving at a better time. The novel, the first in a four-book series from Wattpad Books, is a paranormal romance with something for everyone. The story takes place in a world where vampires have been not only been integrated into society, they’re dominating it as celebrities and influencers.

The most popular live in one of five exclusive Houses, where humans volunteer to be blood donors for the vampires who reside there. But when Renie Mayfield arrives at the most exclusive House of all – Bella Morte, or Beautiful Death – she may be the only person there not looking for fame and fortune. No, she’s there to find out what happend to her sister, who disappeared inside its walls.

Renie wasn’t counting on meeting the vampire Edmond Dantès or the smoldering attraction that ignites between them, one that may prove the ruin of not just her plans to discover her sister’s fate, but her life as she knows it.

Unfortunately, the curious will have to wait a bit to visit Belle Morte themselves – the book is not due to be released until April 2022.

But we can exclusively reveal a first look at the Belle Morte’s absolutely gorgeous cover, the perfect mix of beauty and darkness that only vampire stories can ever achieve.

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Belle Morte by Bella Higgin. Image courtesy Wattpad Books /

The novel is described as a mash-up of Twilight and True Blood, with plenty of romance, lots of suspense, and a heroine with plenty of agency over her own fate.

Belle Morte won’t hit shelves until Spring 2022, but you don’t have to wait that long to give it a look for yourself – we’ve got an exclusive excerpt to share right now!