Star Wars: The Bad Batch renewed for a second season

The Bad Batch in the Marauder cockpit. "War Mantle." The Bad Batch. Courtesy
The Bad Batch in the Marauder cockpit. "War Mantle." The Bad Batch. Courtesy /

All you clones fans are in for some luck since The Bad Batch is being renewed for a second season! Announced a day before part one of the season one finale of the animated series arrived on Disney+, we learned that there will be more tales to tell with these soldiers.

In case you’re unaware of this particular Star Wars property, the series follows a group of clones nicknamed the Bad Batch. Why? Well they’re genetically different from the rest of the clones. They’ve been experimented on, which gives each of them a very specific skill. Set in the aftermath of the Clone War, these misfits are traveling the galaxy together and running into trouble whereever they go.

After making their debut in the final season of The Clone Wars animated series in 2020, creator Dave Filoni and his team created a spin-off series based on Clone Force 99 (the Bad Batch). Together with Jennifer Corbett as head writer and Brad Rau as supervising director, they’ve created a new fan favorite.

The Bad Batch has been renewed for a second season

The most impressive thing about the series (at least to me), outside of continuing to explore the Star Wars universe, is Dee Bradley Baker. The voice actor is the only one voicing the clones. In fact, he’s the only one that’s been voicing clones in most of the animated series, if not more. It makes for great continuity, certainly, but it’s also impressive for him to be doing so much work!

We have no word yet on the number of episodes that season 2 will have. With the first ending on episode 14, I have a sneaking suspicion we will see the same amount of episodes or maybe a little less. We’re also unsure of the exact release date, but we know it’ll debut sometime in 2022. Do you think you can hold out that long?

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What do you think of the renewal news? Are you looking forward to more or were you hoping this would be a one and done series? Let us know in the comments below!