Making the Cut season 2 star Andrea Pitter believes in fostering a sisterhood through fashion

Making the Cut. Image courtesy Amazon Prime Video
Making the Cut. Image courtesy Amazon Prime Video /

From her first look that walked down the runway and every look after that one, Andrea Pitter has been one of the most talked about fashion designers on Making the Cut season 2. While she might be known for her brand Pantora Bridal, her inclusive fashion pieces are more than just that one moment in time for the scrapbook. Her designs are the looks that are etched in the memory and have people yearning for more.

Throughout Making the Cut season 2, Pitter has shined brightly. While she made a statement with her bridal look in the first episode, the reality is that she has only pushed the conversation forward as the competition progressed. Although there were a few occasions where she came up just short of topping Gary Graham, the reality is that each and every look is a design that many women would like in their wardrobe.

Whether or not Pitter earns the Making the Cut season 2 champion title is not the biggest takeaway from this Amazon Prime fashion show. It is about the message that she shares and embodies with her brand.

Andrea Pitter on Making the Cut season 2 and celebrating womanhood

Pitter firmly believes that “my brand is very much about like sisterhood and relatability.” Whether it was her video presentation or any look that she put on the runway, it was about showing “that women can be friends, can support each other and show up for each other.”

This philosophy appears in every aspect of her life, not just her design choices. She believes that “it is important to have confidence in yourself” and “do it as authentically as possible.” For her, even if she shows up in the same look as another person, she would own it and ask to take a selfie with the other person.

That type of perspective shows that Andrea has confidence in herself, a self-assurance that comes from within, not from piling on accolades. While the recognition is appreciated, that willingness and drive to stand tall based on hard work and dedication drives her dreaming within reality.

Throughout all of Making the Cut season 2, Andrea has shown confidence in her choices and her work. Specifically, she said, “I’m really confident about doing my best not necessarily to better than anyone else.” In many ways, that statement stays true to her commitment to sisterhood in all that she does. It isn’t about stepping on someone else to get ahead, it is about finding her own path to foster a successful endeavor.

More importantly, Pitter stays away from the comparison conversation. She shared that she “doesn’t play the comparison game.” She said, “I show up for myself and I try to show up for my sister’s regularly.” She believes when that comparison conversation becomes the focus, people don’t “realize how much joy you’re taking away from yourself.”

Andrea Pitter see inclusion in every facet of her design vision.

While Making the Cut always has an accessible piece as part of each challenge, Andrea seems to take the conversation in a different direction. For her, her brand has and will continue to be about inclusion.

Andrea said, “I feel like the best way to be inclusive is to focus on the people who have been excluded.” For her, “her brand started with showcasing women that I felt were often excluded, which would be black women.” From there, inspiration grew. Whether it was skin tones, body types, personality types, or fashion types, that all-encompassing genre had no caveats.

At the same time, she appreciates that this approach allows her to keep learning and adapting. Whether it is hearing Gary when he didn’t appreciate a tone in the workroom or seeing how other designers approach their craft, there is always an opportunity to grow.

And, just being in this Making the Cut environment offered a way for her to further build relationships. Believing that she wants to foster the type of energy that she wants to receive, Andrea could channel those ideas into even more inspiring ideas.

But, which look from Making the Cut season 2 is she most proud? Andrea admitted that her first look, the bridal gown is her favorite.

“I think that I’m most proud of the outfit that I came in for the first episode, my wedding dress,” Pitter said. “I knew that it might be a challenge because I wanted to use a curvy model and I knew we would probably have very little time to fit. I didn’t know what the premise would be, but I was like, you know what, you’re giving yourself more of a problem than you should. But I was committed, I’m committed to showing up as a person that I tell people who I am. I was really proud of that despite the feedback. I was proud that I was able to show up and do what I said I was going to do. “

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Andrea Pitter continues to set out what she wants to do with a purpose and a drive that will serve her well and will bring continued success. More information on Pantora Bridal and her other endeavors can be found on her personal website.

Making the Cut season 2 airs on Amazon Prime. Winning looks are available in the Making the Cut store on Amazon.