Unthinkable is a mind-bending new thriller from Brad Parks

Unthinkable, by Brad Parks. Photo: Sarabeth Pollock
Unthinkable, by Brad Parks. Photo: Sarabeth Pollock /

Nate Lovejoy is a pretty normal guy living a pretty normal life until a visitor shows up on his doorstep, drugs him and kidnaps him. You’d think that would be enough action for anyone, but for Nate this nightmare is only beginning. In Unthinkable, bestselling author Brad Parks takes readers on a thrilling race against time to prevent a billion deaths, with Nate stuck in the middle of an impossible decision.

The secret society that kidnaps Nate is headed by a man named Vanslow DeGange. Though his origins are somewhat suspect, DeGange’s acolytes claim he can see the future. According to DeGange, Nate’s wife is working on a lawsuit against a Virginia power company that will lead to a catastrophic disaster with over a billion lives lost. They need Nate to stop her from filing the lawsuit in order to save countless lives, but it comes at a horrible price.

Unthinkable reels you in on the very first page

It’s not often that a book will grab me from the start and keep me on tenterhooks until the last moments. Unthinkable does that, and then some. Nate’s just an ordinary guy who is presented with an impossible decision.

The story alternates between Nate’s first-person point of view and Jenny’s third person perspective, offering keen insight into what each character is thinking. Despite the perspective shift, readers won’t see the twist coming until the last few chapters of the book.

DeGange’s gifts could be seen as a miracle, luck or something else entirely. The problem, as Nate sees it, is that the secret society believes that there is no such thing as free will. Each decision has been predetermined, and that’s why they know they’re right and Nate is the only one to stop a disaster in its tracks.

As Nate sees it, though, it’s highly improbable that free will doesn’t exist. He holds onto that conviction no matter how much evidence the society presents to him. The ongoing battle between the concept of free will and predestination makes Unthinkable so intriguing, along with the mystery behind this strange organization and the nature of their true intentions.

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Parks has created a dynamic, vivid and incredibly interesting world with Unthinkable. Get ready to be pulled in from the very beginning, but trust me that you’ll enjoy the trip.

Unthinkable is available now.