Which Walt Disney World attractions have been captured on the big screen?

(L-R) Jack Whitehall as MacGregor, Emily Blunt as Lily and Dwayne Johnson as Frank IN Disney's JUNGLE CRUISE. Photo by Frank Masi. © 2021 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
(L-R) Jack Whitehall as MacGregor, Emily Blunt as Lily and Dwayne Johnson as Frank IN Disney's JUNGLE CRUISE. Photo by Frank Masi. © 2021 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

As the highly anticipated Jungle Cruise starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt is set to open, its arrival begs the question, what other Disney Walt Disney World attractions have made the leap to the big screen. While there is much crossover between movies and Disney attractions across its theme parks, a few classic, favorite rides might not instantly come to mind.

Even as Disney Parks fans love watching the Disney+ stories behind the attractions and can probably tell guests all the hidden gems throughout the theme park ride experience, the reality is that a movie can do a deeper dive than those few minutes of the ride experience.

Although people might debate the intricacies or the overall success of these movie adaptations, the reality is that the crossover is a fun one. Even though some locals might treat Walt Disney World as a backyard escape, the reality is that not everyone has that travel opportunity. These movies can spark magical memories of those special visits.

Putting aside the debate of what is or is not appropriate in today’s social climate, many of the iconic Disney attractions have a long, storied history in theme parks. It makes sense that those storylines could be adapted into a movie format. The movie would have a built-in audience and people just want to see what could happen when that “ride comes to life.”

With the new Jungle Cruise movie, everyone will want to see that skipper lead adventure. Even if the corny jokes and puns will be a little less rapid-fire, it will be an entertaining escape. Just like the ride itself, the whole experience isn’t necessarily about reality. Sure, there are deep secrets hidden around every corner, but the waterfall won’t whisk you away to an untimely demise. Then again, that hungry hippo might be just as hangry as a mom when she hasn’t had her morning coffee.

Besides the Jungle Cruise, the other obvious choice is Pirates of the Caribbean. The hugely successful franchise took a simple idea and made it into an ongoing story. While some people used to use the ride as an escape from the Florida heat, the reality is that the pirate story is open-ended enough to spark a multi-layer experience.

Given the long history of the ride, many people might have created their own backstory about the pirates in the various scenes. Which ones were more sinister men and which ones were just lead astray? And, what about that dog? Doesn’t he need a story, too?

Did you know that the Country Bears were made into a movie? If you didn’t know this Disney fact, don’t worry. It wasn’t a hugely successful movie, but many people still love visiting the attraction in Frontierland. If you would like to see the Country Bears movie, it has some big names in the movie like Christopher Walken, Willie Nelson, and Elton John.

Bringing a little spooky to every day, not just Halloween, Haunted Manson is a beloved Disney attraction. Although the Eddie Murphy movie might have been a slightly different version of the Louisiana manor, it has its moments. Still, there is nothing better than getting into that doom buggy for a ride. Just, don’t bring anyone home with you.

The cross-over between Walt Disney World attractions and movies will continue. Whether it is the Disney Imagineers bringing the storyline off the screen and into the theme parks or the ride experience transformed into a longer, more detailed story, there are infinite possibilities.

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What Walt Disney World attractions do you think should be made into a movie? Could the People Mover be that attraction?