The Fosters’ spin-off Good Trouble is a sequel series done right

Spinoffs can be a difficult thing to pull off. However, The Fosters’ spinoff, Good Trouble, is a sequel series that succeeds in knowing exactly what it needs to be.

After The Fosters’ finale event, Callie and Mariana Adams-Foster kick off Good Trouble as they move to Los Angeles for their own adventures. Although the rest of the Foster family are not the main characters, Good Trouble maintains a distinct chosen family vibe with the Coterie residents.

Good Trouble is very much its own series. Therefore, while background knowledge from The Fosters is valued, such as understanding the major character development from teenaged Callie and Mariana to where they stand now as adults in Good Trouble, knowing the specifics of their backstory is not required to enjoy their storylines.

The series does not make the mistake of relying too much on its predecessor to work as a show. However, it also does not completely dismiss and ignore the past.

The series works as a balance between understanding and referencing the history when needed but not constantly. As a result, the series is not hard to understand for those who did not watch The Fosters.

Good Trouble has introduced Callie and Mariana to a variety of complex and entertaining characters. While Mariana and Callie are the leads, they do not lack a solid supporting group of people in Malika, Gael, Alice, Davia, and Dennis.

The lives of the Coterie residents (personal and professional) are explored constantly, as each of their journeys plays a key role in the overall story. They do not only exist to fill space and instead are given substantial storylines and character arcs, allowing them to be an intriguing addition to the series.

They can shine independently without Callie or Mariana having to share a scene or storyline with them. By creating the series that way, there are numerous relationships between the characters that are not reliant on Mariana and Callie, allowing the rest of the characters to be fleshed out by themselves and with others.

Good Trouble also continues its predecessor by telling timely and important stories while challenging the main characters’ stances, beliefs, and actions. But, it also avoids retelling the same storylines its predecessor presented.

While significant plot lines are told, they are fresh to the show and comment on the world as a whole. Callie and Mariana’s work environments and personal feelings on events give them the chance to get involved in different areas and comment on how the world works and why it needs to change.

Even the aspect of aging Mariana and Callie up helps the series tell a more adult aspect of their lives that The Fosters could not tell as the duo were still teenagers at that point. However, as adults, their life experiences can have different elements that were not explored previously and allow them to grow even more.

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