The Witcher season 2 trailer promises the next step in Ciri’s journey

The Witcher season 2. Image courtesy Jay Maidment, Netflix
The Witcher season 2. Image courtesy Jay Maidment, Netflix /

After what feels like a positively monstrous wait, it’s finally time: The Witcher season 2 is coming soon.

After multiple pandemic-related production delays, the popular Netflix fantasy drama will finally return this December, picking up the stories of Witcher Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), Princess Cirilla of Cintra (Freya Allan), and mage Yennefer of Vengerberg (Anya Chalotra).

Season 1 ended with Geralt and Ciri finally finding one another after spending ten episodes searching and Yennefer apparently sacrificing herself by overusing her chaos magic in order to win the Battle of Sodden.

If the first season 2 clip is anything to go by, the new episodes will adapt Andrzej Sapkowski’s Blood of Elves and focus heavily on Geralt and Ciri’s relationship. In it, Geralt takes Ciri to the Witcher stronghold of Kaer Morhen and trains her to fight.

In the trailer, there’s a quick glimpse of Ciri being handed a sword, presumably from Geralt, and her character is heavily featured throughout. (As is right and proper, if you ask me, given that this season ostensibly focuses on Ciri finally coming into her own.)

Watch the trailer for yourselves below.

In its final moments, the clip also confirms that Yennefer has survived – but come on, did anyone think she hadn’t? What exactly she’s doing with Fringilla is still anyone’s guess, but it’s a comfort to know the show isn’t going to do that thing where it pretends she’s not still alive for some annoying length of time.

When does The Witcher season 2 arrive on Netflix?

During the same WitcherCon event in which the trailer was revealed, Netflix also confirmed the season 2 release date, announcing that The Witcher would return on Friday, December 17. It also released a positively gorgeous new poster for the second season, featuring Geralt and Ciri together at last.

Sidebar: Can we talk about where Ciri got that incredible fur stole, please??

With just a few months to go until the Netflix series returns – and a prequel anime series entitled The Nightmare of the Wolf coming in between – it’s a good time to be a fan of The Witcher, indeed.

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