Disney Parks partners with Snap to transform photo memories

.(Photo by Olga Thompson/Walt Disney World Resort via Getty Images)
.(Photo by Olga Thompson/Walt Disney World Resort via Getty Images) /

Strike your best pose because Snap and Disney Parks have a new way to capture those magical photo memories. While character photo ops, scenic views and iconic photo spots are always part of a Disney vacation, capturing that picture perfect moment is taking on a new effect. With this new Snap lens, Mickey and Minnie will be perfectly placed for that epic photo moment.

A visit to Disney Parks often comes with a long to-do list, like favorite rides, must have food and purchasing that perfect souvenir. More importantly, capturing the moment each and every step of the way is way to relive those memories long after the Florida tan has faded.

Today’s theme park guest knows that their phone or device is part of the theme park experience. From the new way to scan their way into the parks to passing the time with the Play App while waiting in line, a fully charged device is as important as a refillable water bottle on a hot day.

Although the Disney Parks photographers are always ready to snap the perfect photo at certain spots around the theme parks, the reality is that many people prefer to capture their own moments. Whether it is that perfect little hide away spot behind the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom to the silly moment when you get caught with that Mickey ice cream dripping down your face, the reality is the impromptu moments might be even more special.

How are Disney Parks and Snap changing the photo op moment?

In a recent announcement, Disney Parks shared how its collaboration with Snap will bring Mickey and Minnie into the captured moment via particular features. According to Disney, “Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Lenses will be available in the Snapchat app only at Walt Disney World Resort.” From Mickey on your shoulder to iconic Disney balloons in the background, these lenses will be all the envy of Disney fans. More information can be found on the Walt Disney World Snapchat profile.

With the Walt Disney World 50th anniversary quickly approaching, Snap is offering even more special views from the most magical place on Earth. Check out this special video.

As seen in the video, via the “My Disney Experience app, (guests will) be able to place your favorite image captured by Disney PhotoPass photographers on the iconic castle with augmented reality.” This mosaic shows that no matter what that picture perfect memory looks like, everyone has connection to the Disney magic. From that first visit as a child to a wedding day to even recapturing your youth for one last trip on Space Mountain, Disney Parks and its memories last a lifetime.

The collaboration with Snap proves that Disney appreciates its guest experiences need to evolve. Whether it is working with social media companies, being responsive to guests requests or adapting to the current cultural landscape, the theme park wants to be around for another 50 years and beyond. While certain classic elements should never change, evolving with the times is key to keeping guests coming back and making more memories.

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What do you think of the new Disney Parks and Snap collaboration? How do you think that the new photo enhancement will impact your guest experience?