K. Bromberg celebrates the 8th anniversary of Driven

Olivia Applegate as Rylee in Driven
Olivia Applegate as Rylee in Driven /

Eight years ago, K. Bromberg published her first novel and hoped that a few people would read it. Eight years later, Driven is celebrating its anniversary. It’s a series at Passionflix. In many ways, Driven is more popular than ever.

Bromberg celebrated Driven’s anniversary on social media, noting in part that she “had no idea [her] life was about to change.” She hoped “100 people might buy this story about a damaged alpha, a heartbroken heroine, and the orphaned boys who bound them together.”

Not only did people read the book, they embraced the book. It quickly captured the attention of Tosca Musk and became a series at Passionflix.

The Driven Series has taken on a new life at Passionflix

When Driven was published it found a home in the hearts of fans who were drawn to Colton Donavan’s story, but there were lots of people who were equally drawn to Rylee’s tragic history, too. Rylee and Colton needed each other to be able to face their demons and move forward, and they could only do it together.

Of course, their relationship didn’t blossom right away. Bromberg made sure that sassy Rylee didn’t allow Colton to sweep her off her feet no matter how hard he tried. It wasn’t until she saw him interacting with one of her boys that she gave him a chance, and once Colton took the lead he never looked back.

With so many fans expressing their love for the series, which grew to include Fueled, Crashed, a book from Colton’s perspective and several spinoffs, it’s no wonder that Passionflix selected the Driven Series to be made into a series. After a thrilling first season, fans are gearing up for Driven season 2, coming this summer.

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Though the Driven Series might have crossed the finish line, Bromberg has several other books in her vast library with several more in the works. Her newest book, Hard to Lose, is available now.