Meet Cute Diary is a sweet and fun champion for trans love stories

Meet Cute Diary by Emery Lee. Image courtesy Spark Point Studio
Meet Cute Diary by Emery Lee. Image courtesy Spark Point Studio /

In the age of Tumblr and fanfiction, any reality is possible, particularly for Noah Ramirez, a romantic trans teen who decides to create the love stories for his fellow trans kids that everyone else has.

With the Meet Cute Diary (the name of Noah’s blog, and Emery Lee’s novel), Noah writes fictional meet-cutes with happily-ever-afters to endless popularity–until a troll sniffs out that the meet-cutes are fake and the Tumblr takes a public nosedive.

As Noah spends the summer in Colorado with his brother, he has to recalibrate and figure out how to save the Diary at any cost.

Enter Drew, a gorgeous and charming guy Noah meets at the local book store who is more than happy to pretend to be Noah’s fake boyfriend to help prove that the entries in the Diary are real. But as their fake relationship heats up, and Drew becomes more involved with the Diary, things get more complex.

But just when Noah thinks he has it all figured out, he gets a job at a summer camp and meets someone from his past, another trans kid who he relates to on a completely different level. As their friendship grows closer, Noah begins to question his relationship with Drew, and what the future for the Diary holds.

Fans of frothy romcoms will love the Meet Cute Diary. Debut author Lee does a great job of playing with fanfiction tropes and rom-com tropes in tandem to serve up a queer, trans coming-of-age love story, one unfortunately still underrepresented in fiction.

For this reader, Noah as a protagonist was a bit difficult to grasp onto at first due to his overall self-centeredness and naivete, but by the end of the book, he meets his own imperfections head-on in a satisfying conclusion.

Meet Cute Diary is a sweet, funny, and charming read that is a perfect way to kick off your summer, particularly if you’re a fan of queer love stories, fanfiction, fake dating, summer camp, and generally fun books.

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