What’s new in May for PlayStation Plus members?

PlayStation Plus subscribers have had a solid 2021 of free games so far and even PlayStation members have had great access to games with Sony’s Play At Home initiative (this month, it’s Horizon Zero Dawn).

To no one’s surprise, May 2021 keeps the excellent offerings coming for subscribers.

Here are the offerings for May:

  • Battlefield V
  • Stranded Deep

And, as always, the official announcement trailer as well:

PlayStation 5 owners also have access to Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last, which is a ridiculous name, but it’s a solid race game and a solid destruction game. This was slated to get a $10 PS5 upgrade as of June 1st, but it looks like it got pushed up to May (at least for PS Plus subscribers).

First up is Battlefield V, which honestly makes sense since we’re (most likely) closing in on the big reveal for Battlefield 6. If you’re looking for a FPS to play this month, this one is for you.

Battlefield V is gorgeous. The single-player campaigns aren’t the game’s strong suit, but they do offer really good stories and fun gunplay during battles. The AI definite leaves something to be desired, but that seems like a standard issue for most games in recent years.

The multiplayer for the game started out shaky, with plenty of bugs and glitches that needed to be fixed with subsequent updates. Infantry combat offers some newer tweaks to guns and resources that make things interesting, and the amount of gameplay maps will keep you on your toes.

Stranded Deep strands you on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and you must do what it takes to survive and escape. It’s relatively open-world as well and reminds me a lot of a land-based Subnautica (not to be confused with the upcoming Subnautica: Below Zero).

Honestly, there’s not much else to say about Stranded Deep. It’s a pretty standard survival game and if you’re a fan of that genre, you should definitely check it out this month. Especially if you need something to fill in the blank space until Subnautica: Below Zero releases in mid-May.

PlayStation Plus’s May offerings are available to download starting on May 4th!