Hallmark Channel’s Love Around the World marathon schedule

The Hallmark Channel is taking fans on a grand circle tour of the world during the Love Around the World marathon on May 1. The all-day marathon will feature eight movies set in eight countries for a day of love and adventure.

Hallmark is known for its feel-good favorites and over the years the stories have gone on the road with exciting new locations to fall in love with. With the Love Around the World marathon fans will be swept off to thrilling destinations like South Africa and Iceland with some of Hallmark’s most beloved actors.

Whether you’re a seasoned Hallmarkie who has seen all of the movies before or if you’re just getting started on your journey, there’s something for everyone during the Love Around the World marathon.

Complete schedule for Hallmark’s Love Around the World marathon

The fun begins at 9am and continues through 1am Sunday. Please note all times listed are Eastern Times; be sure to check your local listing for the schedule in your area. The complete list of movies and their schedule is as follows:

Love on Iceland, 9am

Love on Safari, 11am

Mix Up in the Mediterranean, 1pm

Winter in Vail, 3pm

Pearl in Paradise, 5pm

Summer Villa, 7pm

Love, Romance and Chocolate, 9pm

Sun, Sand and Romance, 11pm

These are but a few of the Hallmark Channel original movies that will whisk you away to exotic locales.

One of the most recent additions is Hearts Down Under and it already has Hallmarkies buzzing about Cindy Busby and Tim Ross’s charming love story set in Australia. There is also As Luck Would Have It, an Irish tale of love and laughter starring JoAnna Garcia and Alan Leech. Both movies premiered during Hallmark’s Spring Fling event. If you’re feeling the holiday spirit, there are plenty of Hallmark Channel holiday movies set in other countries, like Sarah Drew’s Christmas in Vienna.

Now is a great time to take a trip around the world, perhaps as you plan your own adventure in the future. And there’s nothing like spending a whole day with your friends from the Hallmark Channel.