Are any new movies coming to Passionflix in May 2021?

John Shea (Robert) and Lea Thompson (Emily), The Trouble with the Truth. Photo courtesy Jim Hemphill
John Shea (Robert) and Lea Thompson (Emily), The Trouble with the Truth. Photo courtesy Jim Hemphill /

Passionflix is working hard to bring new content to fans in 2021 after the challenges that COVID-19 presented to the production schedule in 2020. If all had gone to plan there would have been eight big projects in 2021, but thanks to COVID-19 it will be closer to four, likely with a few Quickies sprinkled here and there. However, one of the first big projects makes its debut in May 2021: Wicked.

Wicked will debut on Passionflix on May 27. It’s based on a series from bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout. Ivy (Anna Maiche) is a member of an organization that keeps the evil fae from taking over.

After encountering a fae who is unlike any fae she’s ever seen, the mysterious Ren (Liam Hall) arrives. He’s a member of the Elite and together they must figure out what’s happening before all of New Orleans is put at risk. When Ivy’s not out battling fae, her roommate Tink, a diminutive but magical creature played by Andrew Rogers, is there to keep her in line.

Wicked is the first of a three book series and it marks the first paranormal romance for Passionflix, and it’s hopefully just the beginning because there are so many wonderful paranormal romance books out there that need to become adaptations.

What to watch on Passionflix while waiting for Wicked

Thankfully, between Passionflix originals and library content there is a lot to enjoy on the site. From 2013’s Diana (featuring Naomi Watts as Princess Diana) to Meg Ryan and William H. Macy in The Deal, and even a few BBC adaptations of classic and much-beloved stories like Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice.

There’s something for everyone in the Passionflix library, and the titles come and go so you never know when you might come across something new.

One gem I’ve recently encountered is The Trouble with the Truth, a 2011 film starring Lea Thompson and John Shea. Written and directed by Jim Hemphill, The Trouble with the Truth follows a divorced couple coming back together to celebrate their daughter’s engagement. They realize that they still have things to discuss after the years spent apart, and what follows is a surprising, thought-provoking journey.

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The Passionflix library has been carefully curated so that all of the movies appeal to lovers of love. While not all titles are available in all markets, the library offers a large selection to keep fans entertained while awaiting Wicked’s release.