Game of Thrones star Pilou Asbaek joins the cast of Aquaman 2

Game of Thrones alum Pilou Asbaek is going from the Iron Islands to Atlantis as he joins the cast of James Wan’s Aquaman 2. Asbaek joins fellow GoT alum Jason Momoa in the sequel to the 2018 breakout hit.

Asbaek and Momoa never worked together, but it’s not hard to imagine Euron Greyjoy (whose house symbol is, appropriately enough, a kraken) going toe to toe with Khal Drogo.

We don’t know whether the actors will be on the same side in the Aquaman sequel but it’s fun to think of them fighting an epic battle because we’ve seen them both in action before. Though one was a master seaman and the other was a water-fearing warrior, the idea of them fighting together (or fighting each other) is intriguing.

Aquaman 2 will swim into theaters in 2022 (for now)

Production hasn’t started on Aquaman 2, but there will be some continuity from the first movie to the second movie as Wan will once again co-produce with Peter Safran. The script will be written by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, who penned the first script.

Aquaman, like 2017’s Wonder Woman, was a massive hit for Warner Bros. despite the lackluster reception of the Joss Whedon theatrical version of Justice League. Warner Bros. opted to continue with the movie version of both characters, so even though some aspects of the Snyderverse are being re-written, there is still some semblance of continuity.

Warner Bros. had been developing an Aquaman spin-off, The Trench, with Wan until the project was suddenly scrapped along with Ava DuVernay’s New Gods. Wan is still working on an animated Aquaman series for HBO Max but it’s unclear how much overlap there will be between the live-action movie and the animated series.

Thanks to the ongoing challenges of working during the pandemic, it’s possible that Aquaman 2’s release date will be shuffled to allow more time for the complex post-production needed to bring Arthur Curry’s undersea world to life.