Passionflix: Gabriel’s Rapture to resume filming in May

Melanie Zanetti and Giulio Berruti, Gabriel's Inferno. Image courtesy Passionflix
Melanie Zanetti and Giulio Berruti, Gabriel's Inferno. Image courtesy Passionflix /

Fans of Sylvain Reynard’s Gabriel Series have been eagerly awaiting the movie adaptation of Gabriel’s Rapture, the second book in the series. Filming was interrupted by the pandemic in 2020 but Tosca Musk was able to resume filming in Italy in March and the next leg of filming will begin in May.

Passionflix announced that filming will resume in May in Atlanta, Georgia. Musk was able to film the Toronto scenes before the pandemic shut down in 2020, and now that the Italy scenes are complete it leaves the Boston and Belize scenes to be filmed.

One of the challenges facing production on Gabriel’s Rapture is that stars Melanie Zanetti and Giulio Berruti hail from Australia and Italy, respectively, so traveling between filming locations means that there will be mandatory 14-day quarantine periods factored into the schedule.

If anyone can make pandemic filming work, though, it’s Tosca Musk

Passionflix moves forward with Gabriel’s Rapture, This Man amid pandemic

The pandemic disrupted Passionflix’s plans to bring eight new movies to life in 2020, but even with the shutdown they managed to release four feature films (The Will and Gabriel’s Inferno Part I, II and III) and five Quickies, and they filmed an entire movie (Wicked) and two seasons of the Driven Series.

With their cumulative experience of pandemic filming and safety protocols in mind, Passionflix is moving ahead with work on Gabriel’s Rapture so that the first installment will be ready later this year. Wicked and Driven Season 2 will be released soon, and production should begin on Jodi Ellen Malpas’ This Man series if the stars align properly. There are also new Quickies in the works, and other optioned books in various stages of development.

While some fans will be disappointed that work on Gabriel’s Rapture is taking a bit longer than it did for the first series of movies, it’s important to note that we’re living in unprecedented times and it’s amazing to see how much work Musk and her team are able to accomplish given the circumstances.

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As the wait continues for Gabriel’s Rapture, now is a great time to re-read Sylvain Reynard’s books and re-watch Gabriel’s Inferno, because who doesn’t need to read the books and watch the movies several times?