When will Universal announce the Velocicoaster opening date?

New Velocicoaster Universal Orlando. Image Courtesy Universal Orlando
New Velocicoaster Universal Orlando. Image Courtesy Universal Orlando /

For Universal Orlando fans, one big question looms. What is the Velocicoaster opening date? In some ways, it seems that Harry Potter has cast a spell over that big piece of information. Although summer 2021 is a broad statement, a few potential opening dates seem likely. Are you willing to bet your vacation plans on predictions?

Over the past couple of months, crowds have returned to Universal Orlando. With the theme parks reaching capacity on many occasions, guests are feeling more comfortable returning to the thrills and excitement. From annual pass holders returning home to vacationers who have left the comfort of their couch, it seems that there are some beginnings of normal.

As crowds have returned to Universal, many guests have seen the Velocicoaster take shape. No longer hidden behind barriers, each bank, dive, and launch is visible. With cars zooming along as the rollercoaster is tested, guests yearn for the moment that they can strap into that seat and experience the thrill for themselves.

Potential Velocicoaster opening date ideas.

Although nothing has been confirmed by Universal, a few ideas have come to mind. After extending the Mardi Gras event till May 2, it seems that a May start date is highly unlikely. Although the new rollercoaster is in a different theme park than the Mardi Gras event, the reality is that the two events would never overlap.

One potential opening date would be June 11. In 1993, that date was the official release of Jurassic Park. Although the new rollercoaster has stronger ties to the new versions of the franchise, this idea would be a nice throwback to the movie that started it all.

Also, June 11 could be a strong contender because that date was the original release date of Jurassic World 3: Dominion. Since the movie’s release has been postponed till June 10, 2022, it could be a good time for a few stars of the movie to travel to Universal Orlando for the event.

Another option could be June 12, which was the original opening of Jurassic World in 2015. Given that this new rollercoaster is all about outrunning the raptors, it seems likely that there will be some type of connection to the movie.

Looking at these potential dates, the Velocicoaster opening date might very well be at the beginning of June. With more guests willing to travel, Universal Orlando will want to take advantage of summer fun seekers. Putting the opening date between Memorial Day weekend and Father’s Day weekend would make sense. Plus, there is the connection to the Jurassic movie franchise.

Of course, these ideas are all just guesses. Only Universal Orlando knows the actual date and they are not ready to reveal that information, yet. For now, go buy a churro and watch the coaster testing. Or even take a stroll under the new walkaway and feel the excitement of the rollercoaster going overhead. The more that the anticipation builds, the more exciting that first ride will be.

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What do you think that the Velocicoaster opening date will be? Will you be there to ride it?