How often does Passionflix have new movies?

Michael Roark, Olivia Applegate in Driven
Michael Roark, Olivia Applegate in Driven /

If you’re new to Passionflix you might be wondering how often new content drops on the romance streaming service. In 2021, the answer is slightly complicated after the pandemic put a damper on filming schedules, but new movies and series are on the way.

According to Passionflix CEO Tosca Musk, who spoke on the subject during a recent episode of the Passion Pod podcast, her goal is to produce around eight original movies every year. They have a massive list of optioned books that are in various stages of development, with many projects coming to life in 2021 once they are completed.

In addition to original content, Passionflix also has a substantial catalog of non-original movies that are available for a limited time only, and these filter in and out periodically.

What’s coming to Passionflix in 2021?

New releases arrive on Passionflix as they are completed. The projects known to be coming to the streaming site in 2021 include Wicked, Driven season 2 (and possibly season 3) and the first installment of Gabriel’s Rapture. There are no dates announced for these releases because Wicked and Driven are still in post-production and Gabriel’s Rapture is still filming.

Passionflix is known to surprise fans with new releases, like Nina Bocci’s Hooked. Hooked is a short film, known on the site as a “Quickie”, and it was filmed in secret and released to fans to help bridge the gap until the next project is available.

One of the new projects planned for 2021 include filming Jodi Ellen Malpas’ This Man. Kylie Scott’s Lick is seeing some movement after Scott posted on Instagram that she was meeting with director Louise Alston. Alston worked on The Will (2020).

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While Passionflix doesn’t have a list of new releases coming out monthly like Netflix, it’s important to remember that projects are always in various stages of development. Once the schedule has returned to something resembling normalcy, fans can expect more projects arriving at a faster pace.