Lucifer to bow on Netflix with a shorter season 6

Lucifer - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix
Lucifer - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix /

It’s weird to think about the final season of Lucifer when fans are still eagerly awaiting the second half of the show’s fifth season, but the end is indeed nigh and it will only last 10 episodes. CBR reports that Lucifer co-showrunner Joe Henderson confirmed the news during a chat with fans on wordballoon.

Lucifer has never really enjoyed the kind of stability that other shows seem to take for granted. Each season has featured a different number of episodes, as few as 10 (seasons 4 and 6) and as many as 26 (season 3).

The move to Netflix allowed the show to push its limits, which has been a very good thing in terms of story and character development, but for loyal Lucifer fans it just doesn’t feel like there are enough episodes. (But could there ever be enough episodes?)

Lots of kissing coming to Lucifer season 6

Knowing that fans might be disappointed to learn that Lucifer’s final season will only be 10 episodes after a 16-episode fifth season, Henderson offered fans a little tease of what’s coming.

“And by the way… there will still be kisses in Season 6. Don’t you worry,” he assured eager fans. “Early on, we were actually kind of worried about it. We weren’t sure what we’d be able to do. But as we have figured out what COVID is and how to keep our cast safe while still doing things, oh we got some kissing. So, worry not.”

Lots of kissing in season 6? We’ll take it.

Naturally, it’s hard to picture where season 6 is heading, knowing that there are still 8 episodes left in season 5. The second half of season 5 will premiere on May 28. (The first half of the season dropped in August 2020)

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The news that season 6 is bittersweet. No one wants Lucifer to end, but there are also 18 episodes to look forward to in the coming months. That’s not bad given that the show could have ended after the third season until Netflix threw a Hail Mary and brought it back to life. Fans will take as much of the Devil as they can.