AJR celebrates OK Orchestra album release with insightful a striped back YouTube live stream

AJR from left to right; Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Macy's Inc.)
AJR from left to right; Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Macy's Inc.) /

Alternative Indie band AJR held a virtual album release with a stripped-back live stream. Check out all the details below.

The show opened with a full 25 member symphony playing an instrumental version of the first track (OK Overture) from the new album OK Orchestra. Then the room went dark and a message flashed on the screen reading “Stay tuned while we reset the stage…” This was an intriguing way to start the show, perhaps it sheds light on what AJR may have in store for a potential tour.

After a short three-minute stage reset the band — brothers Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met — along with their drummer Chris Berry and Trumpeteer Arnetta Johnson performed hit single “Bummerland,” which is the second song on their new album.

For their first portion of questions, they discussed whether there is a connection between fan-favorite Karma and Worlds Smallest Violin. Along with a popular question for any artist who just released an album, what was the cover art inspiration?

Following 3’Oclock Things, AJR answered more questions such as their favorite insects, where is Turning Out Part III. Ryan revealed he did write a part three and sent it to Jack. Jack added it was a “really good song, but it didn’t feel like a good part three.”

Ryan and Jack explained how a scrapped Neotheather song titled Socks became Adventure is Out There. Opining on how friends and family enjoyed the track and the album needed just one more song, so the fit worked out.

In response to an intriguing question about whether this album connects to previous records, they explained that The Click, Neotheather, and OK Orchestra are essentially a trilogy. One fan asked who they run their music by before putting it out since they are not with a label. They explained the process of changing their mindset from preparing for a Neotheater tour to writing OK Orchestra during the pandemic. And lastly, the group revealed “Christmas In June” is a continuation of their hit song “Come Hang Out” from their second record The Click.

Full Set List in Order:

  1. OK Overture
  2. Bummerland
  3. 3’Oclock Things
  4. Way Less Sad
  5. Adventure is Out There
  6. Bang

Finally, before closing out the live stream with Billboard hit “Bang!” the band once again teased a tour announcement on Wednesday, March 31. The stream ultimately concluded with the group’s signature post-show credit sequence.

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OK Orchestra features 13 songs total, nine new songs, and four previously released tracks. The album is available now on Spotify, Amazon Music, Itunes, and everywhere music is sold.