34 thoughts I had watching The Walking Dead season 10 episode 20: “Splinter”

The fourth of the six bonus episodes in The Walking Dead season 10 is a slight departure from its predecessors because it’s the only one that directly sets up a major comic storyline that is coming up in season 11.

When fans last saw Princess, Eugene, Yumiko, and Ezekiel, their attempt to meet up with Stephanie had gone very wrong and they were surrounded by armored soldiers that comic readers recognize as being from the Commonwealth.

In the comic, the Commonwealth is a group of settlements that have banded together to try and recreate the kind of life that existed before the apocalypse. Based on this episode it looks like the show will put a darker spin on Commonwealth. Hopefully, they will do as good of a job with Commonwealth as they did with the Whisperers.

The Walking Dead 1020, “Splinter”, picks up at the moment where the group realizes the danger they’re in and how they react to that situation. This episode does a fantastic job giving both some of Princess’s backstory and some vital information about the Commonwealth.

So let’s get into my thoughts while watching The Walking Dead 1020 “Splinter”:

1.       COMMONWEALTH! Here we go…

2.       Confirmed: Princess is a badass

3.       Screw you Stormtrooper.

4.       416 vibes.

5.       Love the way this sequence is shot. It’s hard to deny digital makes a big difference in the quality.

6.       This is emotional.

7.       Ohhh that name! Comic readers – we know THAT name!

8.       Paola has an incredible ability to switch from badass to childlike in seconds.

9.       In in tears but also mesmerized. You cannot take your eyes off Princess when she’s on the screen.


11.   Her vulnerability is extraordinary.

12.   I love Princess with my WHOLE HEART.

13.   Tara and Princess would have been BFFs. Fact.

14.   This is a masterful portrayal of PTSD. TWD does PTSD very well.

15.   Eugene gotta Eugene.

16.   Eugene isn’t a risk taker Princess.

17.   This is dark. Even for TWD.


19.   That storm trooper needs to die.

20.   No one will hurt you again Princess!

21.   Hi we’re your family now Princess.

22.   Now that’s what survivors DO.

23.   Ooh Commonwealth info

24.   Many, many people…

25.   Whoa. Didn’t see that coming.

26.   I think that’s the first time anyone has said “apocalypse”.

27.   YES YOU ARE.

28.   Accurate AF Princess, accurate AF.

29.   It’s a trap!

30.   And that’s what we call a metaphor, kids.

31.   I told you it was a trap! Those stormtroopers are crafty.

32.   I don’t like what’s happening here…

33.   Season 11 can’t come soon enough…


Princess owns this episode TWD Family but this episode also lays the groundwork for the final season of The Walking Dead in an amazing way. Live tweet the episode with me @SonyaIryna and let’s all bask in the glory of the Princess in “Splinter”.