Fans are mixed on Nickelodeon’s Rugrats reboot coming to Paramount+

Rugrats. Image courtesy ViacomCBS Inc., Paramount+ and Nickelodeon
Rugrats. Image courtesy ViacomCBS Inc., Paramount+ and Nickelodeon /

ViacomCBS may be late to the streaming game with its Paramount+ platform, but it’s making up for it by playing off some major nostalgia. With Nickelodeon within the company’s lineup, the media conglomerate is bringing subscribers a reboot of a classic Nickelodeon show: Rugrats.

That’s right, our favorite group of babies is heading to Paramount+, and they’re getting a CG-style makeover in the process. The new show is described as a “reimagining of the classic ‘90s hit,” and the look is certainly a far cry from what ’90s fans are used to. There is one thing the reboot will have in common with the original series though: its voice cast.

The voice actors for the original gang — including Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster,  Phil and Lil DeVille, Angelica Pickles, and Susie Charmichael — will all be reprising their roles for the Paramount+ series.

The first look at the reboot also proves that, even if the babies are headed on new adventures, their personalities are more or less the same. The brief footage sees a cookie-loving Angelica attempting to get poor, nervous Chuckie to do her bidding, and it will very much take fans of the show back to the original series.

Watch the first look at the Rugrats reboot below:

Of course, not everyone is onboard with the reboot, with some fans immediately questioning the necessity of such a series. It’s no secret that just about every classic show and movie gets revamped these days, and some viewers are hoping for more original content instead.

The new art style has also been a point of contention among fans of the original, though, as many have pointed out, they likely aren’t the target audience anymore. CG-style animation is often used in new animated series, and younger audiences seem to appreciate it. Perhaps this new look can bring a whole new generation into the Rugrats fanbase.

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When the Rugrats reboot will arrive on Paramount+ remains a mystery, though it does appear to be slated as a 2021 release. Regardless of all the changes, we’ll be tuning in. A baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do, right?