ColourPop is channeling a classic Disney movie with their latest makeup collection

Photo: Bambi Signature Collection.. Image Courtesy Walt Disney Studios ©2017 Disney
Photo: Bambi Signature Collection.. Image Courtesy Walt Disney Studios ©2017 Disney /

ColourPop Cosmetics knows what we want when it comes to our makeup collections. We want colors that pop and inspiration from some of our favorite things. And at the top of many of our lists is Disney.

From the princesses to the characters like Stitch, Grogu (Baby Yoda!), and Bambi, we want beauty that captures the essence of our favorite Disney characters. So of course, we are beyond excited by the news that on Feb. 25, ColourPop Cosmetics is dropping a line of Bambi-inspired makeup!

That’s right, our little woodland prince is getting his very own makeup collection. Not only are there three new eyeshadow palettes, but there are also lip glosses, eyeliners, highlighters, and even fake eyelashes. It is the ultimate makeup collection – not only for Disney lovers, but also makeup lovers as well.

Personally, I am most excited by the three eyeshadow palettes. Each palette represents a major character in the film. There is a Bambi palette (of course), a Flower palette, and a Thumper palette. Even if I didn’t like the colors in the palette I would have to get a Thumper because he will always be my favorite character in the movie! (Luckily I think I may love the Thumper palette the most.)

ColourPop Cosmetics is all about channeling Disney with their new Bambi inspired collection

With this collection, it really feels like we are getting colors that are perfect for Spring. Which makes sense, since Spring and the rebirth of nature were a big part of Bambi and his story. With pastels and more neutral colors giving us life with this collection, we can’t wait to add not only the palettes, but also the lip glosses, highlighter, and eyeliners to our collection.

Whether you decide to use this collection to create neutral looks or something more magical, we are pretty excited about everything that ColourPop did with the line of makeup.

Now our biggest thing is actually being able to get our hands on what we want. After all, this is a must-have collection and I bet Bambi lovers will be out in force to get their hands on everything that ColourPop has to offer.

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What do you think of this collection? Do you want to add a bit of Bambi to your makeup routine? Tell us in the comments below.