Batwoman season 2: The 5 biggest moments from “Fair Skin, Blue Eyes”

Batwoman -- “Fair Skin Blue Eyes” -- Image Number: BWN204a_0496r2_open -- Pictured: Javicia Leslie as Batwoman -- Photo: Justina Mintz/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Batwoman -- “Fair Skin Blue Eyes” -- Image Number: BWN204a_0496r2_open -- Pictured: Javicia Leslie as Batwoman -- Photo: Justina Mintz/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

Batwoman season 2 has spent most of its early episodes setting Ryan Wilder up as Kate Kane’s replacement, but it seems the new Batwoman is finally settling into the role and taking on Bat missions. The search for Kate continues in “Fair Skin, Blue Eyes,” but the episode also gives Ryan a more active role in protecting the people of Gotham — and it’s clear she’s more invested in the well-being of the city’s most vulnerable residents than Gotham’s previous heroes were.

“Fair Skin, Blue Eyes” sees Ryan searching for a missing boy named Kevin, a case that brings her down a rabbit hole and holds devastating ties to her past. The episode does a solid job of tying Ryan’s own experiences growing up to her desire to be a hero. (And it also gives us some adorable Ryan and Mary moments that make us adore the new Team Batwoman even more.)

Alongside Ryan’s storyline is the continued search for Kate, with Sophie and Alice reluctantly teaming up to find Batwoman‘s former protagonist. As with anything that involves Alice, that arrangement goes downhill pretty quickly — but with both of them, along with Jacob and Luke, determined to find Kate, it seems fans might get some answers to the mystery of Kate’s whereabouts sometime this season.

And despite being slightly more episodic than previous installments, “Fair Skin, Blue Eyes” did have some major developments in store for fans. What were the biggest moments from this week’s episode?

Ryan and Mary moving in together

In terms of plot, Ryan and Mary moving in together may not be one of the biggest developments from this week, but it certainly feels huge. Their opposites-attract friendship has been one of the highlights of Batwoman‘s second season so far, and living together is bound to make them even faster friends.

It’s clear that both Ryan and Mary could use extra support, with Ryan taking on new responsibilities and revealing that she doesn’t feel that many people genuinely care for her and Mary mourning the loss of her mother and step-sister. Perhaps these two will help each other deal with their respective trauma and give Arrowverse fans a new female friendship to adore in the process.

Ryan’s kidnapping backstory

As Ryan searches for Kevin, the mission brings back memories of her own experience being kidnapped by the same woman. Ryan’s traumatic backstory is difficult to watch in this episode, but it highlights why she cares so much about the people Gotham tends to overlook — and why she’s so determined to save this one boy.

This plotline sets the tone for what kind of hero Ryan will be, and it also promises to address real-world issues over the course of Batwoman‘s new season.

Alice and Sophie part ways

When this week’s episode isn’t following Ryan’s quest to find Kevin, it’s centered on Alice and Sophie’s attempts to locate Kate. The two make a comedic pair as Alice hangs out at Sophie’s apartment, but the partnership quickly becomes a problem when Luke shows up. Alice takes Sophie’s gun and threatens to kill him, something that seems to be a deal-breaker for Sophie.

When Kate’s ex leaves to do some investigating, she leaves Alice in the dark about it. Of course, that doesn’t stop Alice from following her — and when the two do come face to face, Alice reveals why she really wants to find Kate: to kill her herself.

That revelation is likely the end of Alice and Sophie’s comical team-up, but it was fun while it lasted. It will also probably push Sophie even harder to find Kate, as she’s now aware of what could happen if Alice were to locate her first. (Though, really, Kate could take Alice…couldn’t she?)

Jacob’s change of heart

Jacob also spends this week’s Batwoman searching for information about his daughter’s whereabouts, but it lands him in trouble with the same gang the Jelly Bean Lady sells Kevin to. Jacob’s fate is nearly sealed when Ryan shows up in full Batwoman garb and saves the day — and Jacob seems strangely thankful for the help.

It seems like a small development in the scope of one episode, but Jacob changing his tune about Batwoman could have major consequences for the rest of the series. Could the Crows and the Bat work together to bring peace to Gotham? It’d be nice, that’s for sure.

Angelique’s appearance

Batwoman has mentioned Ryan’s ex-girlfriend before, but “Fair Skin, Blue Eyes” introduces her — first through Ryan’s childhood memories and then in the present day. Angelique shows up at the very end of the episode, the result of Ryan reaching out to her. The two had a falling out which seems to have stemmed from Ryan doing jailtime Angelique should have done. It’ll be interesting to see how this dynamic plays out, especially knowing that Sophie and Alice caught Ryan’s ex looting earlier that day.

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