What are we going to do about Harry Potter?

Throughout the end series, we always had to stop and help Harry Potter and what were his fellow classmates at Hogwarts to do but just stop and do whatever it took to help him win?

Harry Potter often needed help. It wasn’t a bad thing, he was just the Boy Who Lived and someone who needed help taking down Voldemort. But do you think that the students of Hogwarts ever just wished that they didn’t have to deal with Harry and his nonsense every once in a while?

All of the students of Hogwarts who went to school with Harry Potter were suddenly there with Harry and all his drama and didn’t get a normal school experience and someone had to wonder, at one point, whether or not it’d be nice to just go to school and not have to worry about Voldemort showing up or having to help Harry in some random mission.

Everyone is always willing to help and it’s nice but someone had to, at some point, just wish they could have one normal year at school without some great thing happening. No dementors, no basilisk, nothing. Just a school year where they all learn some magic and then go home and that’s that.

But, unfortunately for the students of Hogwarts when Harry Potter was there, they were always going to be going up against some sort of foe. So, who knows what Hogwarts is like on a normal year because we just experienced all of Harry’s nonsense.

Do you think the students of Hogwarts ever got annoyed with Harry Potter? Do you think they wished they could just not help him one time? Let us know what you think in the comments below!