Percy Weasley is still the worst of the Weasley siblings

Out of all of the characters in the Harry Potter series, we have to all agree that Percy Weasley is the worst right? He’s, at least, the worst of the Weasley siblings.

Percy Weasley showed up in the Harry Potter series as Ron’s big brother and slowly but surely ended up being the worst. From being a know-it-all in the worst possible way to just being boring and mean, there was nothing about Percy that was fun or redeemable.

The Prefect was all about the rules and maintaining order and balance and he was just so boring and what’s frustrating was that Ron had other brothers who were more interesting than Percy but we rarely got to see them, especially on screen. Wouldn’t it have been fun to see Charlie Weasley way more than Percy? Because at least Charlie was cool and had dragons and was interesting other than trying to be perfect.

Luckily, we didn’t see too much of Percy throughout the series. But it was enough to make us long for any other Weasley sibling on screen. Was he boring just because he cared too much about being a good student and employee? Probably but also he’s just a little too straight-laced for the Weasley family in general so getting to see Charlie or even Bill more.

Whatever, the point is that Percy isn’t that great and the fact that he got more time on screen In the Harry Potter movies than Charlie is definitely a mistake. Percy doesn’t deserve any screen time. He’s the WORST.

What do you think of Percy Weasley? Do you like him or do you hate him as a character? Let us know what you think in the comments below!