How the Harry Potter series can look to Star Wars for guidance

Right now, no one really knows what the Harry Potter series is going to be like in a few years but it can look to Star Wars for what to do the right way from now on.

The Harry Potter series has a lot of changing to do, especially in how it is going to approach the series moving forward. With the controversies surrounding J.K. Rowling to trying to adapt the franchise for something on HBO Max, a lot needs to start to change!

So what can they do to figure out the future of the wizarding world? They can look to the Star Wars franchise. Bought off of George Lucas, Star Wars found new life with Disney and helped to grow out the world for fans of all ages.

We got to experience the magic on screen once more and we have shows like The Mandalorian to tell stories of the Star Wars universe that we probably wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. So, why not have Harry Potter do something like that? Granted, the Star Wars franchise had quite a few years between Revenge of the Sith and when The Force Awakens came out but maybe that’s what the Harry Potter series needs.

Separate it from Rowling, take some time, and bring the world of Harry James Potter to life in a different way that doesn’t benefit J.K. Rowling anymore and let others tackle telling these stories in the franchise. It probably won’t happen any time soon but it would be nice to see in the future of this franchise if we get there.

Do you think that the Harry Potter series can learn from Star Wars? Or should we move on completely? Let us know what you think in the comments below!