Harry Potter characters wear masks in a new campaign for Warner Brothers

WarnerMedia is encouraging fans to mask-up and save lives with our favorite characters, including Harry Potter himself! And it’s about time we start listening and do our part!

If Harry Potter told you to wear a mask, would you listen? Well, that’s what we have with this new WarnerMedia add to help slow the spread! The ad is simple: All our favorite Warner Bros. characters are wearing masks and asking us to do the same!

From the Hobbits to Wonder Woman and Harry James Potter, our favorites are asking us to be the heroes this time and we should definitely listen!

It’s nice to see stuff like this happening now because for so long, we’ve heard about wearing masks and helping but no one seems to listen. So maybe watching these ads and seeing your favorite characters doing their part will drive home the importance of wearing a mask for yourself and those around you.

According to Mugglenet, the ad is part of WarnerMedia’s ongoing campaign to encourage fans to mask up (especially here in America right now). They launched Mask-Up America back in July of 2020 and since we’re still in the thick of the pandemic here in America, it’s nice to see Warner Brothers still doing their job and making sure we’re being safe and healthy!

WarnerMedia is proud to help educate and inform our fans about the importance of mask wearing during this pandemic. Wearing a mask is an effective way to protect ourselves and our loved ones from COVID-19. We hope that by seeing some of our favorite heroes and characters masked up, our fans will follow suit. Mask wearing is a simple step we all can take to show up and support our communities during this difficult time.

So, listen to Harry Potter and make sure to mask up!

Remember to mask up, stay safe, and do your part. Just like Harry Potter would.