How can Warner Bros. save the Harry Potter series? Separate it from J.K. Rowling

With everything that has gone on with the Harry Potter series and J.K. Rowling, how can Warner Brothers save the franchise? Well, separate it from Rowling completely.

First, we as fans of the Harry Potter series have to ask ourselves something: What can Warner Bros. do to win back the series? And if that answer is separate everything from J.K. Rowling (which it is), then they need to start doing so.

Right now this franchise is still very much Rowling’s creation. It’s something she made and she benefits from. So if you’re willing to support the franchise and by extension Rowling and her views, then that’s on you. But many fans of the franchise are not willing to sacrifice their beliefs and the importance of showing how wrong Rowling is.

It’s not about a difference of opinion. Rowling is targetting an entire community of people and using her platform for harm rather than helping and so it’s well within our right, as fans, to not want to give her any of our money.

But until Warner Bros. separates itself from Rowling and gives the series a completely new life, it isn’t going to be what it once was. Many places are refusing to cover it and people have sworn off seeing anything that will benefit her so what good is it going to do?

But it’s also important that we, as fans, do not go and see the movies or give it our money because that’s just going to give her the justification she needs to carry on without reflecting on why she’s being harmful.

Until then though, the Harry Potter series is what is going to suffer.

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