Harry Potter fanfiction and why we can still find joy there

Fanfiction has always been an important part of fandom and now, with how the Harry Potter series is, it might be the one saving grace that fans have to go to.

Fanfiction is something that is special to fans, especially with the Harry Potter series. It’s been a long-standing addition to this world we know and love and is something so many of us clung to growing up. So how can it be used now that we can’t really engage with the series as a whole? Well, it helps bring us back to Hogwarts with those we love and trust.

Why the Harry Potter series remained so iconic is because of the fans. We all relied on each other to get through hardships and we grew into friends like the series we all were in love with. And part of that bond came from fanfiction and reading about our favorite characters.

So now that we can’t really watch the movies or engage with it, why not turn to fanfiction and each other to keep that magic alive? At least then we’re still getting our Harry Potter fix without it really benefiting J.K. Rowling.

In fanfiction, we’re telling the stories we want to see and we get to explore that magic together and so getting to write these stories and explore what we love about the franchise together is a good way to still engage with the franchise and the friends we made there.

Fanfiction is a fun thing to explore in general but it might be our only way of still engaging with the Harry Potter series.

Do you still read or write Harry Potter fanfiction? Do you find joy in it? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!