8 TV reboots we actually wouldn’t mind seeing

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Birds of Prey TV reboots
Birds of Prey TV reboots /

For better or worse, Hollywood’s need to recycle ideas has become a staple in today’s TV landscape. But not all onscreen reinventions are equal.

There’s your traditional reboot, which keeps the title and themes of an original series but puts a modern spin on the story – One Day At a Time, for instance. While the success of rebooted television series varies, we often see better results with what is called a revival. A revival is a sequel of sorts to an original series, a continuation that usually features some, if not all, of the original cast members, and shares continuity with the first series. Some of today’s successful revivals include The L Word: Generation Q and Fuller House, both featuring characters from their original series, along with shared storylines.

But how many times have you heard about a reboot or revival and said “Who asked for that?.” Nine times out of ten, it’s some Hollywood executive who is looking to capitalize either on a name associated with the original television show or the brand the series had previously created (looking at you, True Blood). Too often, it’s series that ended on cliffhangers or had so much story more story potential to tell, that got canceled with no resolution. A reboot or a revival is a great way to close up some of those loose ends, while also creating something new to draw in a larger audience.

We’re taking a look at a handful of shows from television’s past that we think deserve a second chance.