Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego: Our top 5 moments from the series finale

Carmen Sandiego. Image courtesy Netflix
Carmen Sandiego. Image courtesy Netflix /

The adventures of our favorite traveling thief came to an end last month when the final season of Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego arrived at long last. The last season saw the titular character attempting to figure out where she’s from and setting out to end the Villain’s International League of Evil (V.I.L.E.) once and for all. And Carmen Sandiego‘s series finale was one for the books.

Carmen has come a long way over the course of the series, and that’s made more clear than ever when she finally manages to achieve what she set out to do and destroy V.I.L.E.

The last episode of Carmen Sandiego also had plenty of great character moments, and it left the show on a hopeful note.

Here are our five favorite moments from Carmen Sandiego‘s final chapter.

Viewers get to see more of Player

Player is the equivalent of Spider-Man’s “guy in the chair” character, Ned, constantly helping Carmen out during her missions. He narrates facts about the different countries they’re heading to and helps out when he can.

In this season, he reveals to Carmen just how young he is by telling her that his parents want him to go to school and he is going to be attending a public school. Viewers will get to see Player and Carmen meet in real life for the first time and talk when a mission goes awry.

Carmen and crew team up with Shadowsan

In the show’s final outing, Shadowsan works with Carmen and her friends to take down V.I.L.E. Shadowsan was a former teacher at V.I.L.E. who rescued Carmen and took her in when she was a baby.

In the season finale, Shadowsan helps Carmen with her missions and interacts with her friends. He becomes a part of her crew, but he still does things his way. There were more bonding moments in this season, and it was truly heartwarming to see!

The Agents work together with Shadowsan

A.C.M.E. (Agents to Classify and Monitor Evildoers) is working to track down Carmen Sandiego because they believe she will lead them to V.I.L.E. They want to shut down V.I.L.E. completely. A.C.M.E. is led by The Chief, who recruited agents Chase Devineaux and Julia (Jules by Carmen) Argent. Jules eventually works with Carmen when she realizes that Carmen doesn’t work for V.I.L.E.

In this season, she tries to take a step back from being an agent until Shadowsan steps in and asks for her help. Shadowsan’s relationship with A.C.M.E. started off on a rocky start, but then eventually they started to understand one another.

Ending V.I.L.E. for good

This was one of the best moments from the finale! It was incredible to see the agents, The Chief, Carmen, and Carmen’s crew work together for the first time ever to bring an end to V.I.L.E.

This season was full of pleasant surprises, but this was one of the best ones. Everyone’s personality was so different, and there was a ton of witty banter between characters. V.I.L.E. puts up a good fight until the very end, making it a finale that will keep viewers engaged until the last episode. It was an epic showdown!

The epilogue scene

As with any series, the ending of Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego was bittersweet. Carmen splits from her crew, but she leaves a note for each of her friends, reminiscing about the time they spent together.

In the flashforward scene, viewers see her friends working with A.C.M.E. to track down other evil agents. When on a mission, they see Carmen standing on top of a building and she becomes her own symbol. It ends on a hopeful note that anyone can appreciate.

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What did you think of Carmen Sandiego‘s series finale? What were some of your favorite moments?