What’s coming to PassionFlix in 2021?

Thanks to the care and consideration for safety protocols, Tosca Musk and her team will deliver lots of great content to PassionFlix fans in 2021. Let’s take a look at some of the projects in the works at the romance streamer.

Though 2020 was an awful year for Hollywood, it was actually a really good year for PassionFlix. They released four feature films and 5 short films known lovingly among Passionistas as Quickies. Even with the pandemic looming, they were able to safely film another feature film (Wicked) and two seasons of the Driven Series (Fueled and Crashed).

The best way to learn about the latest news and updates from PassionFlix is through their social media and the Passion Pod podcast. They recently released the first episode of the New Year, launching the podcast’s second season with flair as Founder and CEO Tosca Musk was joined by Director of Development Lauren Olsen and Director of Marketing and PR Ali Straub Whitaker.

There’s still a lot of uncertainty swirling around release dates and filming plans for 2021, but the podcast revealed enough information to get fans excited about what’s coming and what’s in the works.

Movies And Series Coming To Passionflix in 2021


Musk said during the podcast that she’s seen a first cut of Wicked from director Taryn O’Neil and she’s really excited to see that connection that Ivy (Anna Maiche) and Ren (Liam Hall) have with each other. She also mentioned that Andrew Rogers’ Tink is “hilarious” and words can’t describe what happens when Kevin Joy comes on screen as The Prince.

Wicked is the first action and paranormal romance for PassionFlix and as such it will require more time in the editing bay to add in visual effects.

Musk is hoping for an early to mid-summer release for the movie.

Driven Season 2 (Fueled) and Driven Season 3 (Crashed)

Each new season of K. Bromberg’s Driven Series will feature six episodes, and Musk hopes to release them as they are completed so that they reach fans faster than waiting to complete them all and release them at the same time. Musk loved the chemistry between Olivia Applegate and Michael S. Roark and can’t wait for fans to see the continuation of Rylee and Colton’s story.

Musk is hoping for a May release for Fueled, and there’s no timeline yet for Crashed.

Gabriel’s Rapture

If COVID-19 had never happened then Musk would have been close to finishing Sylvain Reynard’s Gabriel’s Redemption, the third book in the series. As it stands, the team is still working on the second book. Thankfully, the Toronto scenes for Gabriel’s Rapture (Book 2) were completed in February 2020, and Musk hopes to film the Massachusetts scenes and the Italy scenes soon.

The plan had been to start filming in Italy in March, but with COVID-19 flaring up in Italy and star Melanie Zanetti’s ability to leave Australia, things are up in the air in terms of nailing down a concrete schedule. Musk noted that stars Zanetti and Giulio Berruti have already been rehearsing with each other.

The first installment of Gabriel’s Rapture has a target date of early fall.

This Man

Though Musk didn’t say that This Man would be released in 2021, she has high hopes of filming this summer. The challenge is being able to get into the UK. With England likely out, she’s looking at Ireland as a possibility. If that doesn’t work, she joked that she could be building England on a soundstage in Georgia.

Musk has also seen an early draft of Beneath This Man, the second book in the series. She’s very excited to bring Jodi Ellen Malpas’ stories to life and fans are eager to see them.

It’s worth noting, of course, that there’s a great big asterisk on “what’s coming” because the world is still grappling with the pandemic, and conditions can change at a moment’s notice. Projects filmed in 2020 should be arriving in 2021, and there’s every hope that filming will resume soon on other projects so that they can debut later this year.

Musk and her team are very far ahead of the curve when it comes to learning how to be flexible when filming in the middle of the pandemic, but it presents lots of challenges. It takes more time, it costs a lot more and it can lead to setbacks that weren’t part of the original plan.

Despite the challenges, Musk and the PassionFlix team are committed to releasing several movies and series in 2021, and that says a lot about their dedication to their fans.

What are you most excited about from PassionFlix in 2021? Let us know in the comments!