A new WB exec is now overseeing Harry Potter

A new person is now overseeing one of the most iconic brands that Warner Bros. owns!

Warner Bros. has shaken up its team that handles Harry Potter and the Wizarding World, naming Kids, Young Adult and Classics President Tom Ascheim to manage the franchise.

The Fantastic Beasts series will still be managed by the Warner Bros. Pictures Group, with three movies still left to be released in the series, and the next one slated for release next year.

Ascheim’s main role will be the senior contact point to author J.K. Rowling and her various representatives. This is notable with the rumors of WB bringing in new writers to get ideas about a potential HBO Max series. With Ascheim now tasked to manage the relationship with Rowling, it is fair to speculate where WB wants to go with the Potter IP.

Rowling has been less than ecstatic to give up control of the Potter brand, so the appointing of Ascheim could be the first step by WB to prepare for a day when they need to wrestle control away from here for the betterment of the brand overall. This could especially be true if they do not want her involved writing a new HBO Max series, which could potentially already be happening if it is true that other writers are being brought in to pitch their ideas.

Whatever way it goes with the future of the Wizarding World, WarnerMedia Studios and Networks Group Chair Ann Sarnoff has made it clear they believe there is a bright future for the world of Harry Potter

“This new management of the franchise highlights its enormous importance to Warner Bros. and the myriad opportunities we see for continuing to engage and delight fans of all ages across the globe,” Sarnoff said.


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