Tom Riddle should be the focus of an HBO Max series

There are several ideas floating around about what direction a new Harry Potter series could take on HBO Max. While a Marauders series would be one that would excite a lot of fans, the potential of a Tom Riddle origin series is immense. 

In the same vein of the prequel Star Wars series, being able to see the younger years of the most feared wizard in the world is an area that is ripe with potential. The buildup to the moment where he murders his Muggle family could be its own season, with the season finale showing the climactic moment we’ve only barely seen in the beginning of the Goblet of Fire.

Another angle of the show would be to show just immediately after Riddle graduates from Hogwarts. We have seen and heard about his downfall and resurrection, but we don’t know a lot of detail about his post-Hogwarts life, other than his quest to create as many Horcruxes as possible. It would be almost a reversal of the last two Potter movies, as we see the process of Riddle murdering and then creating each piece of his soul to ensure his immortality.

This post-Hogwarts story might be the perfect way to spin-off from the current Fantastic Beasts series, with it already known that the last Beasts movie will end with the duel between Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald, which took place in 1945. With Riddle being born in 1926, he will be graduating from Hogwarts at or around the same time as this duel taking place.

With this timeline matching up, it is almost a certainty that Riddle will pop up at some point during this movie series. Having him be a minor character in a movie series with a new actor that has the potential to carry his own show would allow the HBO Max series to get off the ground with a considerable amount of hype.


What direction do you think a HBO Max series should take? Would a Tom Riddle series be interesting? Let us know in the comments below!