5 Disney movies that will inspire viewers of every age to follow their dreams

Soul debuting exclusively on Disney+ © 2020 Disney/Pixar, All Rights Reserved
Soul debuting exclusively on Disney+ © 2020 Disney/Pixar, All Rights Reserved /
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Disney film to inspire you: Hercules

Based on the Greek myth of the same name, Hercules is about a young man’s journey of finding where he belongs. Hercules discovers  he is the son of Zeus, but Hades stole him from his parents, turned him mortal, and left him on Earth. He was then found and raised by a lovely older farming couple.

Hercules was born with massive strength, but he didn’t know how to manage it. The people of his town didn’t like him because of it.  He unintentionally caused destruction because he couldn’t control his strength, so the people of the town would try their best to stay away from him. To not cause further trouble, his parents begged for him to not use his strength.

When Hercules visited the temple of Zeus to figure out why he feels like an outsider, he learned where he truly comes from. He also learned he needed to become a hero on earth to become a god, so he can reunite with Zeus and his mother on Mount Olympus.

In the song “I Can Go The Distance,” Hercules expressed his desire to find where he belongs. He said he will “do almost anything” to find where he belongs. He proclaimed that he will find his way and the journey would be worth it. This is the mindset we should all take when facing life’s challenges. He also expressed his dream of having crowds cheering for him and being a part of a place where people open up their arms to him. These things happened for him, but he also found out that being a hero is more than experiencing all the love and accolades.

According to the song “Zero to Hero,” Hercules had action figures, screaming fans, and his image on every vase. When Hercules almost sacrificed himself for the love of his life, Meg, he became a hero. The message in Hercules is that finding yourself and following your dreams is a challenge.  It might not be how you expected it to be, but the journey is one you should pursue.