5 things we want to see from Netflix’s Always and Forever, Lara Jean


Always and Forever, Lara Jean is finally coming to Netflix — and just in time for Valentine’s Day! Here’s what we want to see from the upcoming adaptation.

Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before  trilogy has captivated fans of YA fiction, drawing them into the world of Lara Jean and her crushes. Naturally, a story about someone actually sending all of her secret letters to her crushes would be full of fun and suspense — and the Netflix adaptations of the first two novels have been met with about as much praise as the source material.

And the third and final installment in Netflix’s trilogy is headed our way this February, just in time to snuggle up and watch on Valentine’s Day. Lara-Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky’s stories are coming to an end with Always and Forever, Lara Jean — and if the recently released trailer tells us anything, it’s that we’re in for a good ending.

Watch the trailer for Always and Forever, Lara Jean here:

Before this trilogy of adaptations ends, though, there are a few things we’d like to see properly adapted. Here’s our wish list for Always and Forever, Lara Jean.

“Wait, I thought I was your dream guy!”

One moment we definitely want to see on the small screen is the scene where Peter tells Kitty, “Wait, I thought I was your dream guy!” Lara Jean talks about how Peter knows her dream guy is Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables, and honestly, that’s fair.

Anne of Green Gables is one of the best literary classics and Lara-Jean’s got a pretty good taste since she picked Gilbert Blythe as her dream guy. Peter’s decent, but he’s no Gilbert Blythe. One of the best parts of this scene was reading about how, even though Lara-Jean has fictional crushes, she’s still head over heels for Peter.

Kitty’s character development

Kitty’s character development in the final installment was a pleasant surprise, and it’s nice to see how she becomes her own person by the end of Han’s books. Kitty’s a teenager in Always and Forever, Lara Jean, and she finally has her first crush. Reading about how the overly confident Song sister grew up and started having a crush of her own was adorable, and I hope we get to see it in the Netflix adaptation.

The focus on senior year

Lara Jean’s going through a ton of changes during her senior year. The major one is figuring out what college she’s going to be attending. She is also thinking of breaking up with Peter when she finds out that they’re going to different colleges. She’s not sure where her relationship with her friends and Peter will be once she starts college. It’s a very relatable storyline for viewers around Lara’s age.

In the book, Lara Jean goes to the College of William and Mary because she’s waitlisted at UNC. It would be pretty cool to see Lara Jean and Peter discuss what it would be like to be in a long-distance friendship.

Lara Jean’s friendship with Chris

Chris is awesome in the books and the movies, but there’s more of her in the books. There is also more to her friendship with Lara Jean, some of which is revealed in Always and Forever, Lara Jean. With any luck, the Netflix adaptation won’t cut this.

Lara Jean’s dad getting remarried

Lara Jean’s dad gets remarried in Always and Forever, Lara Jean, and the Song-Covey family talks about what that means. It was a bittersweet moment because they honor their late mom and talk about how a family can grow. This series focuses a lot on growth and character; which makes it a must-read (and a must-watch).

It would be a nice touch to see this come to life in the Netflix adaptation.

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Always and Forever, Lara Jean arrives on Netflix on February 12. What do you hope the adaptation gets right? Tell us in the comments below!