A queer woman’s look into Persephone Station

PERSEPHONE STATION by Stina Leicht. Image courtesy Simon & Schuster, Inc.
PERSEPHONE STATION by Stina Leicht. Image courtesy Simon & Schuster, Inc. /

Persephone Station is a show-stopping hit for all those who feel disenfranchised by mainstream content. This novel shows being inclusive can be effortless.

Persephone Station is a bold story filled with women, people of color, and the LGBTQIA+ community. From the start, you meet stunning well-established characters, placed in a vividly described landscape. The only thing lacking in the entire story is the presence of men in any major role and romance. But taking a break from both of those things is extremely refreshing.

Growing up, I was a massive bookworm who struggled with my sexual identity, and I lived in a very conservative town. I was born in 1995, so I’m smack in the middle of millennials and Gen Z. I remember not having internet, as well as having dial-up, AOL CDs, and flip phones but I also remember getting Ipods, smartphones, and WiFI! Coming from a rural place I got all of the fancy new tech late, so my only escape from my daily hell was reading books.

Unfortunately, I never saw any representation in these books, so I often found the most unrealistic fiction to create my own little world. Persephone Station makes me look back and wish I had something like this when LGBTQIA+ people and women were being looked down upon in my youth.

As inspiring as it is to read now, as a kid it would have been life-changing. This group of strong people working together, not needing a man for saving, and not being reduced to a love interest is something I think everyone needs to read. From the start, you get the feeling these characters are seasoned warriors who shouldn’t be messed with, so following them on this journey is a wonderful read.

I also felt represented in the weirdest of ways by one character named Sarah. Now I may spell my name without an h and have tattoos, but that is the only difference. When I first read her description I was gobsmacked: Pale, short, black nail polish, ripped band shirts, new hair color every few months, and intelligent which means she gets easily bored. Well, that is me down to the ADHD!

This novel is a stand-out within the LGBTQIA+ and science fiction genres so fans of either could certainly read this and find something they love about it. If as a reader you are a fan of villains, you’ll take to this book quickly as well. This female villain isn’t your typical out for beauty and youth one-dimensional character. She is a power-hungry and extremely dynamic person.

Overall author Stina Leicht did a phenomenal job writing this book. Persephone Station is a must-read, that I would personally recommend to anyone no matter what genre they normally read. I’m looking forward to a future where more books become as inclusive and exciting to read as this novel.

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