Hagrid and why fans of the Harry Potter series love him a lot

There are some characters in the Harry Potter series that fans just love and Hagrid is one of them so let’s explore why that is.

When it comes to Hagrid, fans of the Harry Potter series flocked to him. But why is that? Probably because he’s someone that loved Harry and wanted to protect him from the beginning and looked out for our boy when no one else seemed to.

From the start of the series, Hagrid was looking out for Harry. He protected him as he brought him to the Dursleys and when he took him away from them, he made sure that they knew that he was NOT happy about the way they treated James and Lily’s boy. Hagrid constantly tried to be there for Harry while he was at Hogwarts and looked out for him over and over again.

Because that’s the kind of person that Hagrid is. He’s someone who wants to do the best and even though people don’t believe in him, he tries. Harry needed someone on his side and while he had his friends, having Hagrid there to protect him and look after him at Hogwarts was important. He was the only one who cared the most about Harry and didn’t see it as looking after him for the ability that Harry had to save the wizarding world.

He might not be the best character or even the best wizard but he at least was someone who cared and that is something important in the series as a whole and it would have been nice if there was more of that.

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