Yes, making a Harry Potter reference to the current political state of the United States is easy

Making a Harry Potter reference to everything happening right now is, honestly, a good way to understanding but it’s gotten to be a bit much.

The United States has had quite the time currently with politics and it means that the Harry Potter references are out in full effect. Mocking the domestic terrorists by calling them “Death Eaters” or referencing Voldemort and Umbridge seems to be the gut reaction and look, it makes sense.

This series taught so many of us how to tackle the idea of good versus evil and we started to unpack looking at the rise of power in a different light. We could have look to history but when you’re a kid, a magical kid taking it on seems a lot more intriguing.

Now though, there are so many references back to the series that it almost feels like we’re waiting for someone to make the joke. When a bad thing happens, we just wait for the Voldemort reference. Okay, who is going to be the first to pretend they’re Harry Potter, and so on and so forth.

It isn’t really a bad thing, it shows that we did learn something but it’s just gotten to the point where many fans are out here asking when people will realize that these fictional properties are reflections of our real-world and we should focus on the actuality of what’s happening.

It isn’t just the Harry Potter series. The references to Star Wars are running rampant as well but it’s both a blessing and a curse. Getting to make a joke about a series we know and love is fun but some are completely looking at these series as a guide and…they’re fiction. No magic school is going to come save us, the Jedi aren’t around. We have to look at what is happening, what caused it, and be the heroes ourselves. Still, the jokes are funny though.

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