Men in Kilts is exactly the Valentine’s Day content we need

The STARZ documentary Men in Kilts is exactly the kind of Valentine’s Day content we’re looking for.

Those missing their weekly Outlander fix may not have a sixth-season premiere date to look forward to just yet — but they do have a fun-filled documentary to mark on their calendars. STARZ is bringing us Men in Kilts on Valentine’s Day, romancing us with an entrancing docuseries starring Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish.

That’s right, two of our favorite Outlander actors are back and taking us on a tour of Scotland this Valentine’s Day. (Seriously, eat your heart out with those chocolates and flowers.)

And judging by the newly released trailer, viewers are in for some gorgeous sights, interesting Outlander discussions, and silly antics between Sam and Graham. The dynamic between the two stars alone is enough to clear your schedule and follow them on their road trip, but everything else about the docuseries looks equally stunning and compelling.

Watch the trailer for Men in Kilts below: 

The first look opens with some beautiful shots of Scotland before showing Sam and Graham driving on the road and chatting about their “trip of a lifetime.” They discuss Outlander a bit, already opening with some quips. “What is portrayed in the show is truthful in many ways,” Graham says, only to have Sam respond with, “Time travel is truthful.”

That’s just a taste of the humor that’s bound to be scattered throughout Men in Kilts, and humor isn’t all there is to look forward to. The footage shifts back and forth between shots of Scotland, with details about the locations the two visit. There’s also plenty for Outlander fans to watch out for, as it seems there will be a fair bit of discussion about the behind-the-scenes work on the series.

Sure, many of the show’s fans would prefer to see Jamie Fraser back in action this February, but we’d say traveling the Scottish countryside Sam Heughan sort of makes up for it. Men in Kilts premieres on STARZ on February 14 at 8 p.m. ET.

What do you think of the trailer for Men in Kilts? Will you be following these Outlander stars on their journey through Scotland? Sound off in the comments below.