Moon Knight’s cinematographer may have just confirmed Oscar Isaac’s involvement

Reports have suggested Oscar Isaac will be involved in Marvel’s Moon Knight series for a while now, but it looks like we have official confirmation.

When it comes to Disney+, Marvel Studios has plenty of content planned for the platform in coming years, including a Moon Knight series that been hotly discussed online — even if fans don’t have much confirmed information to go on. It seems one report has proven true, though: that Star Wars alum Oscar Isaac will take on the lead role in the show.

Although news outlets have received reports of Isaac’s involvements for months, Moon Knight cinematographer Gregory Middleton appears to have gone full speed ahead and confirmed the thing. In an Instagram post announcing his own involvement in the upcoming series, Middleton tagged Isaac, referencing him as one of the performers he’d be costuming — in a white costume (which Moon Knight’s is) no less. In the post, Middleton wrote:

“Well the secret is out. It’s an honor to be a part of introducing a new character to the MCU #MoonKnight. Who says cinematographers worry about white costumes! … not if they are complex characters played by an amazing performer like @officialoscarrisaac.
Thank you director Mohamed Diab and the #mcu for inviting me aboard.”

Although no other major players have affirmed that Isaac will in fact be playing Moon Knight, Middleton’s comment sounds like pretty compelling evidence to us. And after playing Poe in the Star Wars sequel trilogy and Duke Leto Atreides in Dune, it looks like this will be the third major franchise the actor will become a prominent face in.

As for Middleton, his previous experience includes working on HBO’s Watchmen and Game of Thrones — a pretty impressive portfolio to bring to Moon Knight. 

There’s no official release date for Moon Knight as of yet, so it could be a while before fans get any confirmed details to chew on. Still, we’re happy to take crumbs for now — especially when those crumbs suggest Isaac will be the series lead after all.

What do you think of Oscar Isaac in the role of Moon Knight? Are you excited to watch this series when it arrives on Disney+? Share your thoughts in the comments below!