Would WB be better off making a Potter HBO Max Series?


The President of DC Films, Walter Hamada, made headlines this week by saying for every DC movie they make, there will be a spin-off tv show that will premiere on HBO Max. Could The Wizarding World be another creative ground that Warner Brothers to tap into for their upstart streaming service? 

WB is trying to pull all out of the stops to make sure that HBO Max is a success, including turning their entire 2021 movie slate into a hybrid model where every movie will premiere on HBO Max the same day as theaters.

They could choose to decide that Harry Potter would be a great way to gain even more notoriety for the service that has reportedly garnered over 12 million subscribers, which is well behind the 86.8 million subscribers Disney Plus already has a little over a year after it premiered.

While a straight remake series of the Potter books seems highly unlikely, a series focusing on the children of the Golden Trio or even a series centered around Quidditch could be a welcome addition for Potter fans. Quidditch Through the Ages was actually rumored to be turned into a movie back in 2013, not long after Fantastic Beasts was announced to be getting its own movie.

Giving Quidditch Through the Ages it’s own HBO Max series would be a great way to connect to the overall Potter story, while still being fresh and even distinct from Fantastic Beasts. Apple TV+ is even having success right now with their own sports show, with Ted Lasso being one of the top rated shows of 2020.

HBO Max needs something more to jump start it’s subscription numbers, and the Wizarding World desperately needs a fresh start as well. It could possibly be the best of both worlds for each.

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Would you watch a Quidditch HBO Max show? Which team would you want it to be focused on? Let us know in the comments below!