What Harry Potter Funko Pops will be made next year?


Harry Potter has gotten an extensive list of its own Funko Pops through the years, so what could be the next vinyl figurines every Potter fan must have?

The latest set of Harry Potter Funko Pops arrived just in time for the Holiday season, with five new figurines hitting store shelves. The set included Harry with a Golden Owl, Ron with his snow cap on, Hermione holding a gift, Hagrid with a Christmas tree, and Dumbledore holding the wrapped Invisibility Cloak.

These five Pops bring the total Potter count to 126 figurines, as well as several multi-packs. So where could the fine people at Funko look for inspiration for new Harry Potter Pops? Here are some suggestions:

Dean Thomas – While not being a close friend of Harry, he is the only boy in Harry’s Gryffindor class that does not have a Funko Pop of any kind. This seems like a glaring error, especially when you consider Neville Longbottom has three different Pops, and even Seamus Finnigan has a Pop of his own. It is high time that Thomas has his own Funko Pop, and I think the best way is to model it after his Second Wizarding War outfit.

Kingsley Shacklebolt – My love for Kingsley Shacklebolt is not a secret (my first ever post was about the great Auror), so it should be no surprise that I’m vouching for a Kingsley Funko Pop. One of the greatest members of the Order of the Phoenix, a legendary Auror, and one of the longest serving Ministers of Magic is a resume enough to get his own Pop. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see his badass cloak in Pop form?

Draco as a Weasel – Several Funko Pops are classic moments in Harry Potter lore, and one of the best is when Mad-Eye Moody turns Draco Malfoy into a ferret. Make it a Two-Pack with Mad-Eye flipping the Malfoy ferret into the air and you will have all my money immediately.

There is still a wide area of content that Funko can dig into to come up with new Pops for the Potter world. We should be getting several new ones in 2021, so it will be interesting to see where they go with the Wizarding World.

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What Funko Pop do you want to see? What has been your favorite Harry Potter Pop? Let us know in the comments below!