Dean Thomas gets teased by Comedian Andrew Schulz


While J.K. Rowling is an easy target for comedians these days, Schulz instead decided to focus on one of the only people of color in the series, Dean Thomas.

In the final episode, titled “A Nation Divided: Crybaby Cooper and Tantruming Tucker are Tearing the Country in Two”, of Schulz’s four part comedy series, is ripping apart Lena Dunham’s comments about suggesting that white men should go extinct, and pointing out that Dunham has only cast white men in her shows.

To further drive home the point, Schulz wonders aloud how you can tell a story with a cast that’s whiter than Hogwarts, a clear dig at the shockingly low amount of representation of people of color in the Potter books and movies.

Schulz then proceeds to apologize to Dean Thomas, one of the few Black wizards in the series, saying that “We try to forget Black Wizards” and showing a picture of Michael Jordan in a Washington Wizards jersey, where he played from 2001 to 2003. Most basketball fans like to forget about this period and focus on his wildly successful run with the Bulls in the ‘90s.

The joke is a great way to show the hypocrisy of Dunham’s comments, while also pointing out something that most Potter fans already know. Schulz has garnered some criticism for his special on Netflix, with multiple groups calling for boycotts of Schulz on social media.

Schulz seems to be a fairly active Potter fan, bringing up the books and movies several times on his podcast Flagrant 2, with one instance being who could name the most magical spells. It will be interesting to see how Schulz decides to incorporate the world of Harry Potter into his comedy in the future.

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