What does the future of the Harry Potter series look like at this point?


As we know there is more Fantastic Beasts coming our way, what does everything mean for the future of the Harry Potter series and how fans interact with the franchise?

Right now, the Harry Potter series is a bit up in the air. Between J.K. Rowling’s harmful posts and the mess that is the Fantastic Beasts series, there is a lot that fans just don’t know about so what does that mean for the franchise as a whole? It probably means that a lot needs to be re-examined.

For fans, we want more of this series. There is still so much to explore and the best option is probably to get it away from J.K. Rowling. Creating a world and being the only one sharing that content is not coming that has to happen, Star Wars has proven that to be true.

Outside of George Lucas, the series has thrived with Disney and it’s time to separate the wizarding world from Rowling because as long as she’s benefiting from the Harry Potter series, the more fans are going to leave it behind.

So what does it mean? Honestly, no one really knows. With Rowling not seemingly wanting to give it up, we could just continue to live in a space where the series either burns out or we can’t support it because of her actions. But until we know things for sure, fans can just hope that eventually other creatives can take over, hopefully those from the communities that Rowling hurt, and we can start to see new takes on this series.

Until then, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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